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Central Station Monitoring

Most of our systems are connected to our own proprietary AES radio network and from there connected to Sentrynet; America's leading monitoring network. Alarmtec owns it's own network of monitoring radio's to connect your systems to the central station which in turn notifies you of any issues with your system or dispatches the fire department in case of a fire.


Alarmtec operating it's own network offers the added benefit of not having to rely on old style telephone networks or congested cellular communication. Our AES radio network is fully independent and the most reliable form of signal transmission on the market today. Not to mention that it is much more cost effective than any other form of alarm communication.

Not only do we provide monitoring for new installations, We can also provide monitoring for your existing fire alarm system.


Contact us today to discuss how we can connect you to the most reliable network while saving you money.


For more information on either Sentrynet monitoring or AES radio communication, Please click the links below.

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